Childminding in Acton

Melrose childminders are working in partnership with Melrose Nursery School and are located opposite the nursery.

For children aged up to 30 months, our childminding service based in Acton is perfect for families struggling with choosing between a domestic childminder working from your home or placing their child in a nursery setting.

Based in a beautifully-restored home and staffed by a team of passionate, experienced, and qualified childminders, our Acton childminding service is the ideal option for local families wanting the very best in care for their little ones.

Our Acton childminding service fully meets all nursery regulations.

Acton Childminding – the benefits

Our Acton childminding services offers parents the following valuable benefits:

Spacious and comfortable – Our Noel Road, Acton, childminding facility is spacious, light, inviting, and it has its own outdoor play area.

Low child/adult ratio – up to 3 children of pre-school age per minder

Better at meeting a child’s individual needs – the low child/adult ratio means that the childminders spend more time with your child and more time supervising their interaction with other children in the group. All children feel the benefit of having their individual needs paid attention to, especially babies who thrive in this type of environment.

Confidence building and socialisation - all children, especially the very young, need stability and predictability in their lives. Your child will see, play, and interact with the same children each day at our Acton childminding facility. Many educational experts argue that this is a better developmental environment because your child will learn to feel comfortable around others, especially if they are an only child.

Same childminders – we use a close and tight-knit team of trusted and qualified childminders in our Action childminding centre. Being cared for by the same adults every day increases the feeling of security and continuity for each client. For you as a parent, you’ll see your child’s relationship with our childminders develop and grow offering you extra peace of mind.

Childminding in Action - activities

We make sure that your child’s day with us is fun, eventful, action-packed, and rich with learning opportunities. Depending on the day of the week, your child’s age, your child’s needs, and the weather conditions, your child will be:

  • Imaginative play
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Water play
  • Sand play
  • Sports days
  • Indoor and outdoor kitchen
  • Modelling
  • Domestic activities
  • Group activities
  • Story time
  • Music time
  • Sorting and matching
  • Outdoor play

Childminding in Action – food and diet

Our Acton childminding service is committed to delivering the tastiest and healthiest food for your little ones. We can cater for any special dietary requirements, including religious, vegetarian, vegan, and allergies.

Acton Childminding – service leaders

The co-owner and Director of the Melrose Nursery Schools, Rosemarie Lee, works alongside Llerlin Wilson to provide our Acton-based childminding service. Llerlin was the Room leader at Melrose On The Hill’s Under Two’s Room which was rated as Outstanding by Ofsted in March 2017.

Both Rosemarie and Llerlin are:

  • Nursery Practitioner-qualified
  • Specially training in Paediatric First Aid, Health and Safety, Safeguarding and Child Protection, Special Education Needs and Early Language Development alongside training in many other areas.

Rosemarie and Llerlin offer parents over 38 years of combined experience.

Acton Childminders

Rosemarie Lee - EY551402
Llerlin Wilson - EY552045 Ages: Birth - 30mths
Nearest station: Acton main line

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