The Melrose Nursery Experience

Settling in

We believe every child and their family has different needs. To support each family to join the nursery we start with a tour of our facilities. Once you’re ready to start we offer a home visit and ask you to join your child in the nursery for as long as it takes for you and your child to feel comfortable in the nursery this maybe for a short time on the first day or the first 2 weeks, as every child and every family is different. During this period you will be fully supported by your child’s key worker.

The role of a key person

A Key person will be assigned to your child and will be your child’s key person throughout their time in the nursery. Their role is vital to meeting your child’s individual needs.

A Key person is there to support you and your child’s individual needs by working in partnership with you. They can guide you on how to deal with anything from tantrums, sleeping routines, toilet training, fussy eating and much more!

Your child’s Key person is available daily to discuss your child’s day with you and you can book a formal meeting with your Key person any time that is mutually convenient. The Key person is dedicated to encouraging and supporting your child’s skills, they will gather observations of your child’s level of learning, assess their next steps and plan activities to support your child to the next stage in their development.

Parents and carers

We value an open and friendly relationship with you and by having an open door policy enables you ample opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. We encourage parents to regularly access their child’s file and add to the file.

All parent’s views are valued and respected. We work in partnership with parents to help children to learn and develop and welcome parents into Melrose nurseries to participate in nursery activities.


It is the nursery policy to only employ nursery nurses who are professional and dedicated to providing the highest quality childcare. All Melrose practitioners continue to update their professional development during their time at Melrose.

The entire Melrose nursery team hold First Aid, Health and Safety and Child Protection/Safeguarding certificates. All practitioners have enhanced DBS checks, full reference checks and undergo an intensive induction programme when joining a Melrose nursery.


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and our nurseries reflects the four key themes. A unique child, positive relationships, enabling environments and learning & development.

As with all Early Years settings in the UK we follow the Early Years foundation Stage, however each setting can deliver the EYFS how they see best enhances their children in their care. Melrose settings believe in delivering the EYFS by proving a stimulating, educational fun environment that is well resourced with educational resources that enhanced children’s development. To support each child’s development we offer a wide range of adult led activities during each session such as Art, Cooking, Dance, Music, Letters and Sounds, Mathematics, Football, Literacy, Yoga, Discovery and ICT.

A copy of the Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage can be downloaded at

Senior practitioners have training and qualifications in I Can, Every child a talker (ECAT), PAL’S, Social Emotional Aspects of Development (SEAD) and Special Educational Needs coordinator (SENco). Each Melrose setting has a SENco practitioner.