Nursery Parent Reviews in Acton and Sudbury

Melrose on the hill

I truly believe there is no better place than Melrose on the hill to begin formal education. It has always felt as if I’m leaving Tristan with family and I could not be more happy or impressed with every person there. I love that they have a key person allocated for each child. The confidence my son has shown at just 20 months old, since he started is simply amazing. "Mummy I want school" is what I hear every morning. Truly a Happy parent!.
S. Cheyo
Best nursery ever! So lucky to find it. It is very clean. My son had no English when he started he now speaks fluently. The staff has been the best in the world, very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this nursery for any parent, my son and I are very sad to leave in September.
Happy parent
The Melrose on the hill nursery has gone a long way to accommodate the needs of my foster child. She has a key worker able to communicate with her in her home language – this has helped her to develop her vocabulary and confidence speaking English. She has learnt to make friends and share – willingly. The diverse timetable has helped her to learn new skills – computing, yoga, cooking and the much loved sand pit. Textures:- playing with cereals, everyday foods has helped her to name items and strengthen her understanding of what things feel and taste like. She is happy to try new foods. Lunch has been healthy and nutritious. Thank you all.
J. Harper
Frankie started at Melrose on the hill nursery just after her 3rd birthday and has enjoyed attending four afternoon sessions per week. When Frankie started she was still in nappies and within a few months she was dry, out of nappies and using the toilet properly. Frankie has formed very special relationships with the staff and the children attending the nursery. If you have the opportunity to place your child in a loving caring environment then Melrose on the hill is the place to choose. It is very a sad heart that Frankie leaves Melrose this July to go to St George’s reception. Frankie has developed amazing thanks to the staff, Mel, Hadjar and all the staff that have made this a fantastic experience for Frankie and us.
J. O’Grady
My son is very happy at Melrose I have seen lots of changes in Param like he started sharing toys, he likes to feed himself, his vocabulary has increased and all this has happened after Param joined the nursery. Me and my husband love the quality of care given to Param at nursery.
D. Patel
I am extremely pleased that I decided to send my daughter to Melrose. The friendly staff and caring environment have allowed my daughter to thrive. She has enjoyed coming to nursery and has always been well looked after. She has started to recognise words and enjoys counting.
D. Morton
I am very pleased to find this nursery. My son learnt so many things; songs, poems, even first language isn’t English, now he is using English at home. Thank you very much!
L. Onciul
Excellent nursery, very friendly, welcoming staff and safe environment. Me and my son love your nursery so much. My son has achieved so much. Some of his achievements are he started to talk and make sentences and also he comes home with new words and started sharing his toys. What I love about your nursery is, it is children centred nursery. I trust the staff they look after my son very well and a big big thank you, you helped me so much to be able to study.
A. Beraki
The nursery has played a major role in developing my son’s social skills. He is expressive and has showed a confidence in dealing with people of different cultures (never ceases to surprise me!) my son always talks about good things about the nursery and his teachers. My son will surely miss his nursery but I am confident that he is ready to go to big school because of what you have built/ instilled in Caleb. Thank you, keep it up...
Happy Parent
I am happy with her development- Nathalia has learnt to socialize with children and others. I recommend this place for every parent. I am so happy with my daughter’s progress.
C. Hora
Melrose on the hill is one of the best nurseries in Brent. My son is very improved in all the skills, painting, drawing, speech, group activity and lots more. As Sharaf parents we are very happy.
R. Shifar

Melrose nursery school

From the moment I walked through the doors of Melrose, I felt that this was a place my Son would settle into with ease. The staff, were naturally understanding of how difficult it was for both myself and my son to be separated for the first time. Thank-you Melrose!
Ms S McColgan.
My son loves Melrose nursery a lot! He is looking forward to going to nursery every morning. He made a lot of friends. He loves teachers and friends.
Melrose Nursery is a great nursery. All the staff are excellent, regarding childcare they are the best according to my experience! My child has changed a lot since he started at Melrose He never like to eat any other thing apart from rice cakes the staff at Melrose encouraged him to eat sandwiches and all different types of fruit my child has communication delay but he is improving day by day.
Well done Melrose
Ammet Namteza
My son and I are very in Melrose Nursery. The atmosphere of the nursery is so warm and friendly, especially the teachers, they are so kind and professional. Everybody around me whose child has entered Melrose nursery also agree. The teachers always focus on the children individually and properly and my son has developed very well in many aspects especially English. My son’s key person always helps my son and me a lot in many ways. I am happy with the nursery.
Mrs Naoko Otaka
After my daughter had left and it was time for my son to start nursery, I did not hesitate in bringing him to Melrose. A much more outgoing child, the nursery satisfied his natural curiosity for everything and developed his knowledge of so much of the world in general. The outdoor area was perfect for him and it was wonderful to know that he was free to run around and play out in the garden and getting plenty of fresh air. The friendly and caring staff have helped develop his social skills and taught him about sharing with his friends and being nice to each other in a way that he understands and is able to explain to myself and also other children he plays with outside of the nursery.

This nursery has ticked every box for my two very different children and I believe this is due to the fact that the owners, management and staff put each individual Childs' happiness and wellbeing at the forefront of everything they do.
Michelle Reilly
Rose laughed with me when I first viewed this nursery she said my child’s Key worked would be my new best friend! Little did I know through Ambers care of my child not only do I trust her as a friend but the care she and the rest of the nursery team have given my child makes me feel like they are family. My Daughter has learnt so many skills at nursery I cannot list them all. Thank you all for everything!!
Very Happy Parent